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I am B. Chantel

Hello, my name is Brandi Chantel Hill but I go by B. Chantel. I am a mother to two beautiful kids, a son Dion (5 years old) Dior Raina (1-year-old) . I am the fiancé to Dion Waiters (Miami Heat Guard).

I am “B. Chantel,” a woman with many layers, who wears various hats on a day to day basis to keep the game rolling. “Momma’s Full Court,” is a blog about being a mother, a financé, and a woman who is striving to live her best life. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, my lifestyle, giving advice, helpful tips, and insight based on my own personal experiences. My posts will explore my journey of motherhood, love, fashion, beauty, health, and wellness. Along with revealing my passions and interests. I'm looking to hear your thoughts and feedback on certain things because I’m not perfect and I don’t have all the answers. I’m still learning and growing within these roles and discovering myself to fully live a purposeful life.

I created this blog to empower women like myself to keep the ball in motion. Being the “REAL MVP” to your loved ones requires a lot of skills like having patience, sacrificing, compromising, being loving, understanding, learning, communicating, investing time, energy and having superpowers (amongst many other things the list goes on and on). As women, we are special human beings who endure a lot. I know to be all that and some, I struggle to find time to focus on myself in the process.

This world is ever-changing and being a mother and a partner does not come with special instructions. The game plan is all about having balance, being happy and living in your purpose. My blog posts will highlight a little bit of everything that goes into running my own “Full Court.” I Hope you enjoy connecting with me & exploring this journey called life. Let’s learn, grow and push each other to be the best version of ourselves.

I am, “B. Chantel” and I rep #TeamWaiters Welcome to “Momma’s Full Court!” Feel free to Subscribe to this blog and comment on my posts. I love to hear your feedback and would like to engage as much as possible.




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